A Very Haynes Halloween

Sleepy Haskins

Fog MachineSo I purchased this fog machine last year after Halloween. One of my after holiday purchases that was a really great deal. I tried it out in my lab to see how it worked and it ended up flooding the entire place in a heavy mist. “Indoor use only” ….yeah okay. We’ll definitely be using this for our outdoor graveyard scene this year.

So I started doing some research and thinking about how I can get that famous graveyard Dracula scenes where the fog is slowly rolling through the grass. Clearly the fog had to be chilled. The very common way of doing this was obviously dry ice. Heck dry ice itself gave off a low mist that clings to the ground but I don’t have access to dry as as easy as I do say regular ice. As I read up on the idea of chilling the fog I decided to make my own fog roller using a few things I had around my house as well as a quick swing into home depot for a dryer vent hose.

So I collected my list of equipment.
1) One trash can
2) One dryer vent hose
3) Duct Tape
4) A disposable box
5) One fog machine + liquid fog

The construction was relatively easy to pull off. All I had to do was cut two holes in the trash can. 20140615_172213One at the base of one side and another about two inches higher than the first. Then taking the hose I ran it through one hole looped it around and then out the other side. I first started to use an 8 foot dryer hose however I didn’t think that was long enough so I went and picked up a 20 foot. It looped a bit more and gave more surface space for the fog to roll through and thus exposing it to the cold I would be introducing later.

Once the setup was complete I dumped a whole bag of ice in the trash can and closed the lid. Hooking the fog machine up to the hose that stuck out of the hole 2 inches higher than the first I duct taped it to get a strong seal.

I took an old box and sealed it with duct tape cutting another hole about the size of the hose width. Then on the bottom I cut a small rectangular hole to help spread out the fog. I have seen a trash bag used in my research and I’ll be giving it a try before the haunting season. After attaching the box to the other end of the hose I turned on the machine to see my work.

I think it turned out rather well.