A Very Haynes Halloween

Sleepy Haskins

So I went ahead and got myself a haunted painting. I’ve created my own ghoulish gallery with this collection of spooky animated portraits. This trio of hauntingly beautiful digital paintings, feature a family of vintage characters that spring to life…and death. A company that I know sells these projection Halloween props. There are three in total the mother, the father and the child. I was able to take an old picture frame I had hanging down in the lab and it fit an old flat panel television perfectly.

The next step is to hook it up to a computer and play the video in landscape mode. Turning the television on it’s side makes it look exactly like a haunted painting! I’m still working out where to place them. Plus I haven’t decided if I want to hang the whole family or just a single painting. I plan on adding a few minutes of the still painting in between her moving actions. I think it works a lot better when the movement is sporadic.